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Black Cross - A WK Gluhen-Free RP Needs Omi!


I'm sorry for the spam on the lists lately, everyone. I deleted the last entry for this because I felt it didn't give enough information.

The Black Cross: A Weiss Kreuz Roleplay is



We recently found a Nagi, but we have the Omi role left to fill. The Black Cross has been playing for around 15 months - it's a post-series, pre-Gluhen RP with Aya-chan added to the Koneko and both teams - Weiss and Schwartz - in play.

We are a fairly active RP, and would love to have you join us!

Our last Omi (who left due to personal reasons) left a complex character behind, so ideally, the player who joins will have a version of Omi in mind that incorporates him as a budding leader, not just a genki flowershop boy. You WILL have the freedom to develop YOUR OWN version of Omi, but also ideally, you will need to do some tweaking so that your version makes sense with our plot, since past events have obviously effected how Ken, Yohji, Ran and Aya-chan have developed. We'd rather not have to explain Omi's behavior with a seizure or alien abduction.

We are looking for someone who is interested in storycrafting.

The ideal player will have the time to commit to at least one post a day, for the most part.

Things to know:

- Yaoi RP, please be 18 to play
- It's been pointed out to me that this RP is run a little more like a tabletop RP - myself and plotbunnytiff are developing the plot, everyone else is in on the premise only.
- Premise is that Kritiker is under new leadership, with a new Kritiker liaison. The boys have been out of work for a month or so, but missions are picking up again. More details provided after interest is expressed.
- Both Schwartz and Weiss teams are involved, currently not yet with each other
- Aya/Yohji is currently in the works; other characters are unpaired.
- Aya-chan is in the (kitten!) house! And has just found out about Weiss.

This is the current cast:

plotbunnytiff and genuinelie

Yohji: skyrat13
Ken: plotbunnytiff
Aya: genuinelie

Schuldig: fireun
Nagi: ginnyvos
Farfarello: bloodyfarfie



IF INTERESTED, please email me at genuinelies at yahoo dot com with a brief snippet of writing for Omi. Posts are in third person.

Also write with any questions you may have!

One of the current players or I will definitely be able to help you with catching you up, once you start.

Now that all that Serious Business is out of the way...I hope you (yes, YOU!) join the fun!

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