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Someone Like You!

Greetings and Salutations fellow Yaoi fans!

Are you looking for a longer story to fill your nightly reading? Something a little sweet, a little angsty, with a dose of humor and sex to make you smile after a long, boring day? Then please check out our long-running endeavor! With three couples there's a little something for everyone! ~_^

Title: Someone Like You
Author: zalmansheart
Rating: NC-17, please no children.
Summary: Two households, both alike in dignity--no--wait, two groups of friends in high school merge uneasily after one fateful night in New York City, 2004. In the eternal search for love, friends, sex, and a good time, Hige, Duo, Quatre, Toboe, Omi, Trowa, and Heero stumble through one adventure after another. Oh, and Ken, mustn't forget Ken, Hidaka Ken, soccer coach, flower shop assistant, mechanic and friendly neighborhood heart-throb.
Feedback: Like all of you writers, we LIVE on feedback.
Fandom: Weib Kruez, Wolf's Rain, Gundam Wing. Is it anime? Then you'll probably see a cameo somewhere.


Thank you so much for letting me promote our story! We hope to hear from you all very soon.


Cross-posted like everywhere! 

P.S. We promise to update every month. (Two chapters if we've been really productive!)

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